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Kevin Brightman is one of the most uniquely gifted musicians in inspirational music. He brings a classical virtuosity to gospel music by creating a style and feel all his own. His talent embraces the tones of an era before him.  Brilliantly he melds sounds and harmonies with a contemporary theme while simultaneously invoking a hope in something greater than himself. A supreme composer, a musician's musician, and a pianist extraordinaire. This multi-talented artist has played venues others only dreamt of. From the streets of Harlem to concert halls in Manhattan, Kevin path has led him to one place - music.

Born and raised in Harlem, at an early age, Kevin caught the "music bug". Less than one month after taking his first piano lesson Kevin found himself at the piano playing his first recital. In his youth, he joined the prestigious National Association of Negro Musicians (The Roland Hayes Society). He competed in the final of the piano competition in 1990. His mentor, Oland Gaston, further opened his eyes to the music world. Through that relationship, birthed his lineage to Franz Liszt, the famed Hungarian composer.

Though Kevin trained classically, he grew up in a home filled with the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Parliament Funkadelic, Earth Wind & Fire, The Isley Brothers and various music from the 60s. Kevin was a sponge, soaking up as much as he could musically. Little did he know, years later, it would come out in his music. It wasn't just mainstream and classical music that caught his ear, but gospel music as well. With ministers on both sides of his family, Kevin has never strayed from the church, spiritually or musically.

Kevin's talent has taken him to center stage at venues like, The United Nations, Cami Hall, the Apollo Theater, Birdland, The Museum of National History, The Guggenheim Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Abyssinian Baptist Church and many other notable venues, He knows he hasn't done it alone. He has stood on the shoulders of many musical greats such as: Walter Bishop, Jr., Jaki Byard, Michele Rosewoman, Bob Quaranta, Jerome Taylor, William Farley Smith, and David First. Kevin's musical talent also exposed  him to many celebrities including: Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Hal Linden, Clifton Davis, Demond Wilson, Bobbi Humphrey, and Judge Bruce Wright, all regular attendees at Christ Church, Bronx, New York. With so many influences in Kevin's music, some may be tempted to pigeonhole him to make him define himself musically. "When people ask him how he classifies his music, he responds,  "It's inspirational.  I don't write a genre; I write what I feel". 

Kevin attended East Harlem Performing Arts School (E.H.P.A.S) and later continued his education at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, a high school specializing in teaching visual and performing arts. 

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